Story of Malacca by Elvan Tong


“Story of Malacca” appeared as a three-part series in AMSA’s magazine Passages during 2009 and 2010. For the convenience of readers this is now consolidated into a booklet for easy reading and printing.

“Story of Malacca” is not an exercise in futility. It is but one of several attempts in the search for truth about the demographic, social and economic history of Malaya. It covers several themes – the origins of the peoples of Malaya; the influence of India and China; the early Indianised empires; the Malacca Sultanate; the Hang Tuah legend; the Portuguese occupation of Malacca; the Peranakan heritage.

It can be downloaded from our website download page.


This very interesting read has been approved to be uploaded by Elvan Tong. Many thanks

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