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Hi everyone. I hope our members and visitors are finding this new web site interesting and useful. Keep watching the various pages/posts as I am hopeful the content will grow over the coming months.

Alan Jupp

Alan Jupp

As you can see I am not by birth a Eurasian, but I sure do feel like one.  I was born in Caterham, Surrey, England a few years before TV’s existed, radios were our main source of evening entertainment.

I married my soul mate Ann (nee Sequerah) way back in 1971.  Ann is from Malacca.

We have two great kids Audrey & Alister and they are breeding their own thick and fast. Great fun being a granddad I can assure you.

I met Ann whilst I was serving in the British army (REME – Aircraft Tech) in Kluang, Johore in the late 60’s. That was when I had hair and less body armour (Fat). I was at one point sleeping with my rifle and ammunition and I can tell you as a young soldier this was not fun. At that time Kluang camp was an open garrison. Many of you will recall those many months of unrest after the general elections in 1967. I even had the very unpleasant duty one afternoon of standing the bad boy side of a road block in Kluang, with one up the spout, bayonet fixed and a very angry large crowd coming towards us. The Gurka’s arrived and the crowd disappeared in short order, which was a good thing. Most of us young POMs needed a change of underwaer I can assure you. We were after all aircraft techs more than front line soldiers.
Alan - Body hair/fat min - Head hair max

Alan - Body hair/fat min - Head hair max

 I have for most of my life been mixed up with aircraft (Aeroplanes and helicopters) of one type/shape/size or another. Indeed so have my two older brothers Bill & Richard and my Dad. I now run my own aviation consultancy business, working from home. For those that are interested take a look at my web site www.ptaaus.com.au If you are thinking of buying that new jet, see me first, you will save money. Do you have any children or grandchildren that might be interested in aviation. Get them to drop me an email or call and I will see if I can help them with their dreams.

My family and I have traveled a fair bit. UK, Europe, Asia, Sabah (Climbed Mt Kinabalu in 1980), America and of course all around Australia. Mostly paid for by someone else (The only way to travel!). We do of course now live in Perth. In my opinion one of the best cities in Australia, if not the world. Sure its not big like Sydney or KL but what it lacks in size it makes up for in many other ways. Heh! and don’t forget no-one is forced to stay here, we have an open door policy in both directions.

One of the most important things in life in my opinion is family. This includes ones extended family. I include many AEAWA members in this group.

I am so lucky to have a wife who can cook up a storm with ease. How did I ever exist on boiled cabbage and toad in the hole?

Now I get the best that Eurasians can cook just about every night. Well that’s not strictly true, we do eat out a fair bit, but you guest it, mostly Asian food. In fact from time to time I just love a simple “Beans on toast” dinner.

I have over the years been involved in several areas of our association: Secretary for a few years, Santa off and on (Blow up suite puts a whole new dimension on sweating – trust me), publishing newsletters, MC at dances etc. When we can get to them I enjoy the great Sunday lunches. Golf and other outings are also good fun. A great bunch of people to mix with. Thanks for putting up with me.

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