Volunteers Needed

Call for Help or Volunteers – Community Notice Board

If you have spare time on your hands, have a skill, are a professional in your specialised area of expertise ….why not help out other fellow Eurasians and/or members of AEAWA …??

The Community Services team believes that many of AEAWA’s members have a skill or profession and may be willing to help their fellow members… but haven’t been able to address the right forum to offer their help.

Assistance is always needed by those including members who have recently migrated to Perth or may not have the skills or expertise themselves. These could range from handyman services, to private tuition, basic financial and/or tax assistance, basic computer training, real estate tips, helping out with meals and/or catering and a whole range of services. It is intended that members who are capable of assisting would be willing to offer these services as a community service to other members without charge. A helpful pointing in the right direction or simply “the way things are done in Australia…!”

We ask that you email your contact details to us and we will be happy to publish this under the “Directory of Services” in our monthly newsletter and on the website on our Community Services notice board. Thank you for the generous gift of your precious time!

The Community Services Team at community.services@aeawa.asn.au