Please contact anyone on the Committee if you have any questions or ideas. We are always happy to hear from you.

Postal address:

P.O. Box 875, Cloverdale, WA 6985


Telephone: 0473 422 381

A list of current office bearers  (Please use contact form below to reduce spam):

President: Carol Richards 

Vice President (Acting): Gary Aviet

Secretary: Rex Frugtniet 

Treasurer: Chad Beins (Jnr) 

Committee Members: Brendan Augustin, Corrine Boudville 

Michelle Welschbillig and Francisca Scully 

Members Affairs: Carol Richards 

Catering: Philip de Mello & Denis Koek 

Sports and Games: Garrath Ishiguchi

Sunday Lunch: Gary Aviet 

Admin / Webmaster

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